Please read all the information below before filling out a form.

How long is the wait?

I can't give an accurat time on how long it takes to make your custom order. It all depens on the size and details of the order.

Do you do request in the order they come?

yes and no. i try to do them as they come but if one order takes longer then another one, i will do the short one first. Also depends on if i have multiple people ordering the same thing.

When/How do i pay?

Once i email you and we go over the details of your order, your order MUST be paid half now and the other half once item is done. Which then we will talk about payment methods, i usually use Paypal or Cash app(so keep that in mind when ordering).

What kind of items can you make?

At the moment i am only taking orders for amigurumi(dolls) and tumblers either sublimation or epoxy. You can view my stuff on facebook (Facebook) or instagram (Instagram)

How big are the dolls you make?

My crochet dolls are on the bigger size. They range depending on how big you want them but can range fro 8in to22in tall (some of which are not including ears and other stuff) i can also make life size crochet plushies and those can be up to 5lb,

How long will it take to ship my item?

My turn around on average can be anywhere from 1-2 weeks depending on size and details. Longer if your items is a bigger doll. Epoxy tumblerd can take 2-3 days to make. You are respomsible for shipping price if i have to ship.

Will i get progress photos?

I can't guarantee that once i start making your item i will send some out, but i will try my best. Once i'm in the zone on making stuff i forget to take pitures. Now you able to message me asking  and i will send them.